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The average cost to renovate a 1,000-square-foot home is $90 000 to $200 000. For a basic whole-house remodel, you have to shell out $100 to $200 for each square foot. This is the average cost for each part of the house, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or any other part.

The demolition and structural work need to be completed first. While the walls are exposed, the plumbing, electrical wiring and airconditioning can be put in. Then the plasterers are called in to finish the walls and ceilings. In the bathroom, the tiler can start.

Time can be saved by using the trade that results in other trades following on. These trades are critical to getting the renovation completed.

The plasterers need to be one of the first trades on the job, because once that’s done others can follow for jobs such as painting, skirting boards, architraves and electrical finishings.

The words “renovate” and “remodel” are often used interchangeably when it comes to real estate, contracting, and interior design. However, for professionals working in one or more of these industries, these terms actually entail two very different things. Essentially, the difference between them is that a renovation refers to restoring something to a previous state, while a remodel refers to creating something new.

The first step in any home remodel timeline is planning. You need to have a clear vision of your home's appearance when the project is complete. This means sitting down and really thinking about what changes you want to make and your project budget.

For smaller whole home remodels, this should generally take somewhere between 4 to 6 months. Much larger whole home remodels can take from 6 to 12 months, and sometimes longer depending on how complex the work is.

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